LED vs Neon – Is The Led Electronic Display Better For Your Business Than The Traditional Neon Sign

LED signs are everywhere you look now days. It seems like that billboards and businesses all over the place have truly found the benefit in advertising with LED. In years past it was the neon signs that told you whether a business was open or closed, or what they did. Neon signs are still used today by businesses. So the question I have is, which is best for business?
LED signs
Neon signs have one main advantage and that is initial cost of ownership. When you go out to price a neon sign you will find out that they are much less expensive than an LED display of the same size. Neon signs offer a traditional or “retro” look for a business. They are also very customizable. With other 150 shades of color you can get one done in your logo design, or in the shape of most anything you can dream up. This gives a business owner a great deal of flexibility in the beginning when the sign is designed.

For neon that is about where is advantages end. Neon has many disadvantages, the main one being that it is static. Neon signs once they are designed, never change. A year from now or three years from now you cannot change their look without significant expense.  Neon is also very fragile. These signs are made of glass tubes and they can shatter very easily. Installation can be tedious if the sign is placed up high and there is a great risk of a falling or flying object shattering the sign.

LED or light emitting diode displays are the latest and greatest technology out there. While it is true that the initial cost of ownership of a neon sign is inexpensive that is not the whole story. First of all neon doesn’t last as long as LED. Secondly since LED is so incredibly customizable you will be able to draw more customers in your doors with it generating more revenue for your business. After all isn’t that why you want a sign to begin with?

If you figure in the ability to draw in more customers the total cost of ownership in an electronic display is much cheaper than a neon sign. When it comes to durability, flexibility, and total cost of ownership the electronic display wins out every time. There is just no comparison when it comes to its ability to draw in more paying customers.

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