GoPro cameras discount and karma drone deals

Hero Session is the smallest action camera ever designed by GoPro. When it was launched in July 2015, it cost about £350 but it has since had a number of price cuts due to few firmware updates and poor sales. Today, it is available for only £150.

GoPro cameras discount sale

gopro discount sale

GoPro Hero 5 does not follow the previous GoPro designs. It has a cube shape and about 35% lighter at 74g. It is also waterproof without the cover. This reduces its weight and also means better audio quality as the microphones are not sealed in the plastic cover. With the right GoPro discount

It has two microphones, one rear, and one front. Gopro hero session automatically switches between the two microphones to try and cut down on wind noise and get better quality audio.

However, this camera does not have a preview screen which means that you can either guess if the framing is correct or use the free GoPro on your mobile phone.

GoPro karma drone deals

gopro karma deals

GoPro Karma is one of the most popular drones on the market in 2017.  You can find the best GoPro karma deals here along with other saving to help you get your hands on this piece of technology. The GoPro Karma drone features several shooting modes that range from 1440p at 40fps to 480p at 120fps but it does not support 44K shooting.

The pictures can be captured at 8mp with options for burst, time lapse or single shot modes. It also supports loop recording so you can use it as a dash cam.

Ports and accessories

In the box, you receive a selection of accessories including flat and curved adhesive mounts and an open frame.

The USB cable is meant for charging the session. Its battery is not removable meaning you cannot simply pop in a fully charged battery. It takes about an hour to fully charge from empty.

The microSD slot and microUSB port are located at the back of the sprung door so the camera is not waterproof when charging. You can use a microSD card of up to 64GB.

Since GoPro Hero session is square, you can mount it into a frame in any orientation you like and the camera will rotate automatically when it is upside down.


The latest firmware update, v02.00, added a number of useful features including additional ProTune options such as the ability to select Flat colors and GoPro colors.

This update also improved the time taken to connect to the camera over Wi-Fi. Now, when you press the info button, the camera turns on quicker.

If you are looking for a small, waterproof, lightweight camera, GoPro Hero session is ideal. It is especially suited for underwater filming. Its video quality is good and it works reliably with GoPro app.