Advantages of ceiling speakers over wall speakers

Ceiling speakers are often been compared in advantages to the wall speakers. Well, you may choose any of these, but let’s face it; the wall speakers do not look very good. Besides, wall-mounted speakers are too old-fashioned and in case your room is smaller, those speakers will make it even congested.

Even though the purpose of ceiling speakers as well as wall speakers is to save floor space, but the ceiling speakers are modern ways of doing so, while also offering better quality of sound. Infect it has been found that installation of ceiling speakers can be much more affordable than the wall speakers. Installation of ceiling speakers can also be done by the DIYers without the need of a lot of expertise and tools, unlike wall speakers. So, what can be the advantages of ceiling speakers over the wall speakers?

ceiling speakers

Easy installation

Installation of the ceiling speakers is less troublesome than the wall speakers. If wall speakers require threading of wires across the four walls of the room ceiling speakers, on the other hand can simply be installed by the ceiling cavities which are always present in almost all the homes. Therefore, even the DIY people can do it easily without a lot of guidance and tools.

Modern way of installation

Another advantage of ceiling speakers over wall speakers is that they look modern unlike the old-fashioned wall speakers. There are hardly any homes or commercial places where wall speakers can be found. Ceiling speakers are more in trend these days simply because they remain “hidden” while also delivering better quality of sound.

Save space

The reason why people go for installation of ceiling speakers is because they can save a lot of space. Even though wall speakers can save space too, but they consume space on the walls. Unlike that, you can always hand paintings or sceneries or anything decorative on the walls and keep them free by using the ceiling speakers.

  • Subwoofers are Omni-directional: their deep bass pulses fill the air. Many audiophiles feel they get reduced sound quality from subwoofers installed in the ceiling. This problem is sometimes overcome by having a separate, free standing subwoofer and is often unnoticeable to the average listener.

Your speakers are one of the most important components of your home theatre system, so consider all of your options carefully. If you are dissatisfied with your existing floor or shelf speakers, then consider an investment in built-in speakers. If you want the most efficient, least obtrusive speaker system available, then consider the benefits of ceiling speakers. Odds are, they are your best option. More: